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Nanmao and Beima Sub Indo

Nanmao and Beima

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Nonton Film Nanmao and Beima Sub Indo | During the Republican era, wars were waging. A bizarre murder case in the Mountain God Temple shattered the tranquility of the Submerged Water Town outside Shanhaiguan. The young master of the town, along with a caravan of merchants, returned crazy, while the others died. Rumors spread throughout the town that a female ghost was responsible for this heinous crime, causing panic among the townspeople. Uncle Ying, a disciple of the Maoshan School, used his medical skills to suppress the young master’s illness but could not cure him completely; the young master’s condition kept fluctuating. A group of shamans led by “Bai Liu Hui” arrived in the Submerged Water Town, performing rituals to exorcise the demons for the young master. Miraculously, the young master recovered instantly, and the three individuals were worshipped as deities by the townspeople. However, strange incidents began to occur in the town, with ghostly figures in the wells and wandering Yin soldiers. The townspeople turned to the “Three Immortals” for help. Uncle Ying investigated the truth behind these mysterious events and became increasingly convinced that everything was orchestrated by “Bai Liu Hui.” However, both Hui Wuchang and the Fourth Lord Bai died in succession. Uncle Ying tirelessly searched for clues and suspected that the mastermind behind it all was the leader of the Yi Village, Xian Jiangtao. Yet, the truth became even more elusive…

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Duration: 93 Min

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